Alec Oberman

Having built three man caves for myself over the years, my experience in the field is pretty good. No doubt there are better cavers out there, but it is what it is. Currently living in the UK looking after Jon Benn's place whilst he is away (yes Jon, the house is fine).

Man cave posters

Man cave posters – Why?

Am I looking for man cave posters or signs? It is important to distinguish the difference between posters and

Man cave flooring

Man cave flooring – Important?

I gazed upon my man cave flooring and all I saw was filth. What on earth do you put…

Man Cave Bar

What Makes a Great Man Cave Bar

“I don’t always drink beer in my man cave bar, but when I….. Wait…. Yes I do”.

man cave bar counter

Man cave bar counter decisions. Get it right.

The bar within your man space should be one of the most important, and possibly most expensive pieces of…

Man Cave Bar Accessories

Man Cave Bar Accessories

What good is a man cave without some awesome man cave bar accessories? A man cave bar, space…